Image by Benedikt Geyer

COVID19 COMMUNITY RESPONSE ALLIANCE (The Alliance) is a coalition of more than 25 multi-racial, cultural and language organizations. The Alliance builds power within our communities to collectively advocate for racial, economic, and social justice. 

The Alliance envisions its member communities to not only overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic, but to thrive and flourish through adequate funding for community driven programs and strategies and collaboration with our elected officials and governmental agencies.

We value the lives and well-being of our member communities above private, economic and political interest. We seek to undo the institutionalized and internalized racism, and colonialism that has kept us divided, and which has helped maintain the systemic oppression and marginalization of our communities for far too long. We hold dearly and value all communities that are organizing themselves to also undo these social structures of dehumanization and subjugation. As such, we commit ourselves to collectively work to address the disparate impacts of COVID-19 and all of the inequities that have been laid bare under this crisis and which have historically impacted disproportionately our communities.

The Alliance created this website with the goal of combating hate and bias in our communities via an online reporting tool and our community hotline that supports English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Amharic, Tagalog, Tigrinya, Khmer, Mandarin and Somali.

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, our communities have been the center of xenophobic and racist attacks because of the term “Chinese Virus,” and racial profiling. This hate and bias incident reporting tool is community driven and all data is kept confidential. We will be using the data to help our Rapid Response Team understand your situation better and to help you if necessary. We are here for you, community for community. United, we stand!